Wednesday, March 2, 2011

While You Do Something Meaningful.

I haven't had a lot of time to get on here. And that's a sad fact. On the bright side though I always have time to listen to music. Tonight I did all of my homework, while laying in bed naked, with strep throat and diarrhea. Yeah. Gross. Although laying in bed naked with my woman all day was nice I still felt like shit. Now, I have this weird thing, about whether or not my days are good or bad. Usually it comes down to this: No matter what happens during the day as long as I have a good night, it's a good day.

Tonight I got a hot ass bubble bath made for myself, and I sat in it listening to Andrew Bird. Now the reason I call this entry "While you do something meaningful." is plainly because before you play this video you had better be ready to listen to the whole god damn thing and seriously reflect, and relax of course. It's important that you take a moment out of your busy lives to listen to something great, and that in itself is a meaningful thing. Like we say here at Glassjaw Boxing, "Bitches are not shit, but hoes and tricks. So please lick these testicles and suck our dicks." I hope all you girls and lovely men have a good night out there. And please listen to more Andrew Bird, the guy knows what he's fucking doing.

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