Saturday, April 23, 2011

"24 Month Loop" - Song Lyrics

So these are some lyrics I wrote, just figured out the melody/chords today and I think I'll record a shitty demo tomorrow.

(demo will be at

Well the theme of a dream
it can appear so serene
until the car stops,
you awaken
and forget what you've just seen
but if it's any consolation
for your stumbling imagination,
just try to find some solid ground
on earth that is shaking

Wistful recollections
Candid inspections
Of why for 2 years
it poured torrentially,
you know it felt,
it felt like a century

And you were there
And time just stopped
it held me there while my heart dropped
Because the imitation,
of a life already taken
is not a life at all
but a sadistic little fall
into your eyes that grip so tightly
and let up only slightly
they thought that you'd be flighty
well look at you now

(bridge/chorus/fireworks whatever)

But all the painted landmarks
of this little town
they still peek out and remind me
why I've got to leave right now
Because the cobble streets
and parks and trees
are just as pissed as me
that a girl who wants some wings
will settle for anything her master brings
sorry dear, it's you who's missing out on me

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